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From $500.00
You have a closet full of stuff and I know what to do with it.
We look at your wardrobe together, form new sets, which helps to organize chaos in the closet, get rid of excess cloth and you will understand how to style what is left. Analysis of the closet is a great opportunity to get advice and competent recommendations on the image as a whole.
Discover your closet's potential and let me unlock a whole new wardrobe for you!
From $300.00
We go to the different shops, where in a few hours we select new looks, considering your body type, tasks and budget. In the process we discuss the latest trends - what to wear, what items are "must have" this season and how to combine them with your wardrobe. I know where to find the best among famous brands, new designers and vintage items.
You don't live in New York but still want to have a styling help from me? Whether you're looking for an outfit for specific event or a general refresh, I can virtually style you and help you shop for new looks. I can put together a virtual shopping cart based on your styling needs.
From $200.00
From $500.00
If you have big photoshoot coming up and you have no idea where to start, I can help you. I can also find the whole team for you (makeup artist, hair stylist and photographer). Preliminarily, we discuss the concept of the photoshoot and based on it we select looks from the existing wardrobe, if necessary, buy something new. Whether it's for your family holiday card or your company/brand, I've got you covered.