Personal fashion stylist

BA in Fashion Merchandizing
Helped more than 300 women & men find their style
Styled more than a dozen editorial and advertising shoots
With me, it's easy and simple to become yourself

Alina Frolova

Fall/Winter 23-24 Shopping Guide

Curate Your Cold-Season Wardrobe with an Emphasis on Essentials and Timeless Trends
Each photo in the file is directly linked to the corresponding product in the online store.
Get ready to embrace the upcoming chilly season in style!

Inside this guide, you'll find:

Key Trends of the Season
Outerwear Collections
Categorized Sections
Accessories (Including Tights, Belts, Headwear, etc.)
Jewelry, Bags, and Footwear
4 Exclusive Capsule Collections
More than 900 products in the file

About me

I have been working as a stylist since 2017. Over the years, my work has been featured in numerous fashion magazines including Vogue and L’officiel, and I've had the privilege of working with well-known celebrities and public figures, earning a reputation for my ability to curate sophisticated, on-trend looks.
My fashion philosophy is rooted in the belief that style is a powerful form of self-expression. I firmly believe that confidence is the most attractive accessory, and my work is centered around making my clients feel good in their own skin, inside and out
The most important thing for me is to witness your emotions when you find yourself and become your best version.


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